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Newer entrants in the financial technology space (fintechs) are driving rapid change throughout the financial services sector and beyond. How can the fintech industry realize its growth ambitions which are so often based on creating positive societal impact? Discover how our fintech solutions, insights, and multidimensional approach to advising and collaborating can help fintechs adapt to the ever-evolving business environment.


Faced with increasing competition, banking and financial services organizations must move quickly to meet new customer, employee and industry demands while addressing complex regulatory mandates and heightened security threats.

The Open Bank Project (OBP) platform is a middleware solution that allows financial institutions to easily create, secure, distribute, and monetise APIs. It comes with a catalogue of over 550 pre-built APIs available for immediate use.

OBP middleware lives on-premise behind the bank’s firewall or in the cloud, and it connects to the bank’s back-end systems and third-parties to expose a rich set of modern and fintech-friendly APIs.

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Linethemes provides guidance and support to organizations as they move through the growth life cycle, from business model and product development through to business scaling, exit readiness, and beyond. Linethemes’s long standing experience and multi disciplinary services from foundational audit and tax support to critical risk, compliance, financial, technology, and talent advice allow us to best meet our fintech clients’ needs.

How it work

To deploy the open bank project(OPB) API middleware, banks usually follows a 3-step process:

  • Step 1


    Deploy middleware internally and customise according to the bank’s requirements.
  • Step 2


    Write the set of adapters connecting the OBP middleware with the bank back-end.
  • Step 3


    Opening up an initial subset of APIs to a limited number of trusted partners.

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Advantages of FinTech applications for financial institutions

Zero barrier applications

This results in more and more users opting for institutions that have FinTech implemented for their financial operations.

Highly regulated & risk-averse

Make sure you choose a partner who has the required certifications and merits to develop a robust FinTech solution for your financial institution.

Higher efficiency

Throughout any industry, technology is a de-facto catalyst agent for increasing efficiency in operations. FinTech is no exception.

Automated customer service

Smart chatbots, Virtual assistants and advisors, Personalised UI are a few of hundreds of ways for automated customer servicing.

Trusted by developers

Connect to the main banks and financial institutions worldwide. Updated and great API documentation for a fast and easy integration.

No compromise on security

Security is unarguably the most important factor for any financial institution. do check out our FinTech software development services.

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We are always on the lookout for talented folk to join our team. Follow us on LinkedIn!

Industries we serve

Linethemes’s fintech industry clients represent:


Founding Capital

The minimum amount of capital for company formation in Serbia is 100 dinars (less than 1 EUR).


Corporate Tax

One of the lowest corporate tax rates for limited liability companies in Europe.


Dividend Tax

Dividend tax rate imposed by jurisdiction of Serbia is also one of the lowest in Europe.


Value Added Tax

It can be calculated and paid monthly or quarterly for goods and services executed in Serbia.

We are always on the lookout for talented folk to join our team. Follow us on LinkedIn!

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